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Oscar was a former Cal State Fullerton undergrad shooting wedding photography part time. Oscar earned $3,950 USD as a Lionheart Paid Media Apprentice focused on YouTube Ads. Oscar created over two dozen bumper ads and in-stream ads focused on custom intent and remarketing audiences, generating tens of thousands of views and dozens of leads at less than $0.02 cost per click. Here's a sample of the behind the scenes and final result.

Oscar the Lionheart apprentice.
Oscar M.
Paid Media - YouTube Advertising Apprentice
Q1 2021 Batch

Angel came to Lionheart looking to improve her SEO and Marketing skills. Upon onboarding and selection, she helped create blog content by applying on-page seo optimizations for ranking purposes. She did this, while making $510 in a month as a part time apprentice. Here is her result.

Angel R.
Technical SEO Apprentice
Q1 2021 Batch

Matt is an undergrad from San Diego State University that wanted to pursue his passion in digital marketing. We paired Matt with a digital marketing agency, and he decided content marketing appealed to him. He went through our advanced content cohort and learned how to create 'skyscraper' content with a focus on conversion copywriting, Ahrefs keyword research and promotion. Matt supplemented his income by $1,050 while writing various content like this.

Matthew N.
Search Engine Optimization Apprentice
Q1 2020 batch

With a passion for AI and data analysis, Richard wanted to retrain from his copywriting job into a career in product and marketing analytics. Richard was paired to a company launching their first app and was able to set up advanced event tracking using Google Analytics 4, Amplitude, UXcam and Facebook's Conversion API. Through creating retention cohorts, dashboards and reports, Richard added strategic business intelligence that lead to key in-app purchase initiatives. Sample his reporting work here

Richard S.
Product Analytics Apprentice
Q2 2021 Batch

Eli came to Lionheart as a former janitor looking to retrain into SEO with a focus on backlink building, website SEO and Content Strategy. Looking to help a nonprofit foucused on getting high schoolers into a career in STEM, Eli created a rich and informative marketing plan focused on driving organic traffic through website optimization, backlinks, and content. Here's a sample of his work.

Eli O.
SEO & Inbound Marketing Apprentice
Q1 2021 Batch

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