Gain access to marketing talent at a fraction of the market rate.

Stop wasting marketing budget on outrageous marketing agency fees, pricey internal hires, and disappointing freelancers. the best marketing talent from brand marketers, SEO marketers, ocial Mdia Ifluencers, ontent specialists, paid advertising and more.

Fill your permanent, part-time, & full-time roles with a team of channel marketing specialists

Fully vetted marketing apprentices vetted by their real marketing results. Apprentices are perfectly matched with your business goals.

Browse quality marketing talent curated just for you.

a world-class platform to make marketing easy

Lionheart's algorithm matches you to marketing apprentices with previous experience matching your marketing goals. Browse our user friendly platform to verify candidates by viewing their digital portfolio and past work.

Message, track, and collaborate with your digital marketing apprentices.

Say goodbye to excessive overheads and reduce marketing costs by up to 70%

  • Each marketing applicant is screened thoroughly for their track record and subject expertise. Only the top apprentices who apply are accepted.

  • Bid on and win the service contract of the apprentice in a few clicks.

  • We handle the rest. Save time and money while finding great talent that’s a good fit. one-click apprentices anytime.

Hire talent and and scale your team without interrupting project timelines

Communicate with our talent as if they are a part of your core team, with tools and resources to ensure seamless workflow. Access talent with the track record, skillsets and domain expertise to take your project to the next level.

Talent is not discovered - it's created.

Businesses struggle to retain top marketing talent on a project-by-project basis due to the temporary nature of project-based work. Get daily to weekly reports on strategy and results and enjoy long-term relationships not seen in the gig economy.

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Trusted by teams & agencies

  • Lionheart works with the most forward thinking companies globally. Join a network of forward-thinking employers who are committed to building diverse and equitable talent communities. We work with partners to assess their benefits and help nontraditional talent in the workplace.

Four reasons why companies choose Lionheart

We check things you may not know how to. We get access to each marketing apprentice's previous ads management acounts or SEO work to verify what industries they've worked with, what budget range they have managed, and what the actual performance of their campaigns was.

We ask questions you may not know to ask. Our own experienced team of marketing professionals, interviews with each apprentice and courses needed are used in out vetting process. Get hands-on campaign management by trained apprentices and hands-off optimization of your paid and organic campaigns.

We protect your business through risk-free hiring. We provide a suite of options to guarantee quality talent and project satisfaction.

We work directly with the talent on your project. We help outline your marketing goals and create a clear roadmap unique to your needs. Here is a sample.