Apprentice early career tech talent at a fraction of the market rate.

Future-proof by working with early career talent. Work and hire world-class early career talent of nontraditional and disadvantaged backgrounds trained on 120% efficiency at a fraction of the cost.

Fulfill your hiring needs quickly with early career specialists

Individuals are trained before being eligible to be hired.

Hire and retain up-and-coming talent

a world-class tech apprenticeship program to make hiring as easy

We match you to individuals with previous experience matching your business goals. View our talent pool and view their portfolio and past work.

Each tech apprentice is screened thoroughly for their track record and subject expertise. Only the top apprentices who excel are accepted,trained and showcased.

Work with individuals from nontraditional and disadvantaged backgrounds

  • Career fairs, popular 1-click resume-hiring platforms and similar mediums no longer work. Lower labor and fee-related hiring costs costs and hire within a few clicks at a fraction of the market rate.

  • Bid on and win the service contract of the apprentice in a few clicks.

  • We handle the rest. Save time and money while finding great talent that’s a good fit. one-click apprentices anytime.

Hire early-carer tech talent and and future-proof your team without interrupting existing projects

Communicate and task our talent as if they are a part of your core team. Access talent with the track record, skillsets and domain expertise to take your existing projects and business goals to the next level.

Talent is not discovered - it's created.

Businesses struggle to retain top tech talent. Skip the hiring wars and get first-access to up and coming early career talent.

Supported by growing startups and established companies

  • works with the forward thinking organizations. Become a Diversity Equity & Inclusion employer and commit to building diverse and equitable talent communities. Work with and help nontraditional tech talent enter into the workplace.

Four reasons why companies choose

We vet and train early career talent. We leverage assessments, previous work and network connections, industry interests and more to vet hem them with industries and companies they would most likely stay with.

We know how to hire diverse technical talent. Our own experienced team interviews with each individual and goes through a length onboarding process before they're eligible to work with a company like yours.

We protect your business through risk-free hiring. We offer a trial run as an option to guarantee quality early career tech talent.

We work directly with the talent. Our senior team helps outline your goals and create a clear roadmap to achieve your outcome.