Enter the JobĀ market with the marketing career of your choice.

Paid technology apprenticeships on a month to month basis, with increase in your pay as you become in-demand on our platform. Apprenticeships are on limited availability on a first-apply, first-serve basis. Join the platform and reserve your access to companies and jobs.

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Get job-ready with free digital marketing courses

Join voice chat sessions with our team and fellow apprentices. Choose your focus and learn based on your availability.

You'll onboard to our tools and way of working, while getting to know theĀ Lionheart community.

We pair you to the right company where you'll earn while you learn in a collaborative setting.

Fast payment. Start your paid apprenticeship and get paid monthly.

Get job-ready in digital marketing

Whether you're a recent grad or individual looking for part-time work, get connected with mission-driven technology companies and get paid for remote, project-based work.

Remote project-based work has become the new norm. Join the workforce of the future.

  • Lionheart works with forward thinking companies globally. Join a network of agencies, startups and marketers who are committed to building diverse and equitable talent communities.

  • Learn digital marketing via world-class marketing apprenticeships with technology companies and agencies. Enjoy learning collaboratively with apprentices with diverse expertise.

  • Get paid for your skills in SEO, Marketing Analytics, Website Design, Paid Advertising and more.

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Join like-minded individuals in our apprenticeship program

Build your marketing portfolio and get selected to be paired with a high-paying company apprenticeship upon invite.

Weekly sessions

Work with other apprentices across the U.S. and make new friends.

Paid work

Make $15 an hour or more a minimum of 5 hours a week.

Work from Home

Work at the convenience of your home from the days of your choosing.

Cross into Tech

Reskill into the job and opportunity of your dreams with Lionheart Apprenticeships.

Unleash your Latent Potential

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We designed our assessment to help you find your strengths and bring to light places where mentorship can help you get a career in digital marketing

Join a growing community of high potential individuals.

Lionheart using psychological profiles to customize your soft skill development. Youā€™ll level up alongside other apprentices.

Content Marketing
Marketing Strategy
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Strategy

Unleash your Latent Potential


Get an apprenticeship in digital marketing

Gain Digital Marketing Experience for the Real World

Gain Real World Digital Marketing Experience

Start your profession in Digital Marketing

Account Executive

DataRobot University

Front Line Support


Get hired based on your Potential

Learn about your latent potential. Level and get hired.

Level your potential and get hired.

Refine your skills through our online accelerator

Refine your skills in Tech. Win the career of your dreams.

Visualize your strengths & potential with our app


Learn about your untapped abilities and find your career path.

Get selected to be paired with a high-paying company apprenticeship.

Free personalized training, resources and mentorship to help you grow your career, business, or skills.

Develop your employable skills through our growth accelerator and start a career in Digital Marketing

Realize your latent potential and start a career in Digital Marketing

We connect aspiring individuals to digital marketing apprenticeships.

Cross into jobs of the future

Apprenticeships are on limited availability on a first-apply, first-serve basis. We are getting ready to launch our app. Be the first to join the platform and get first access to companies and jobs.

Gain marketing experience

Our immersive digital marketing sessions cover everything from Ads, Analytics, social media management, and more. Built by industry experts working in the field.

Marketing Analytics

Discover your strengths and level up your skills faster.

Search Engine Optimization

Learn how to be value-centric and scale your impact.

Marketing Automation

Learn how to improve your output with programmatic advertising.

UX/UI Design

Design high converting websites and apps and learn to use the best software tools available.

SocialĀ media Marketing

Learn how to leverage Facebook Ads, Reddit Ads, Tick Tock Ads and more to grow brands and businesses.

Benefits/Value Proposition Why. Learn how to absorb information more efficiently.

Productivity Skills

  • Productivity Skills

  • Teamwork

  • Dependability

  • Adaptability

  • Flexibility

  • Leadership

  • Productivity Skills


  • Active listening

  • Confidence

  • Dependability

  • Conflict resolution

  • Organization


  • Creativity

  • Research

  • Risk management

  • Teamwork

Openness / Creativity

  • Curiosity

  • Learning from others

  • Open-mindedness

  • Taking calculated risks

Related communication skills

  • Active listening

  • Confidence

  • Conflict resolution

  • Organization

Related problem-solving skills

  • Creativity

  • Research

  • Risk management

  • Teamwork

Related creativity skills

  • Curiosity

  • Learning from others

  • Open-mindedness

  • Taking calculated risks

Related adaptability skills

  • Consistency

  • Organization

  • Optimism

  • Flexibility

work ethic skills

  • Attention to detail

  • Integrity

  • Persistence

  • Time management

Reskill into a new career path with high-demand in the future

Don't miss the post-covid hiring opportunity.

Thousands of job opportunities opening in a post-covid recovering world, with a lot of competition through traditional job application platforms.

Get the hands-on experience needed to prosper in tomorrow's workforce of the future, or at least one step closer to realizing your potential.

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one-on-one instructor sessions

Sign up and chat with us to answer any questions before committing.

Work on your own time

Choose from a suite of Ā apprenticeships and hustle at your first apprenticeship.

Collaborate with apprentices

Go through our apprenticeship accelerator & get mentored by senior apprentices.

Become an in-demand, talented individual

Collaborate through weekly sessions with other individuals.

Work with human empowerment companies to help them drive impact.

Do a great job and get hired by your top company in the industry and field of your dreams.

Join a diverse community of like-minded levelers.

Our accelerator is designed to showcase your strengths while you nurture them through our growth accelerator. Take our assessment and find out your strengths.

Our app is designed to showcase your strengths while you nurture them through our growth accelerator.

Get hired for your capabilities and potential, not just your resume.